Special Sets

Text Designs

We have a number of sets that have text designs. Some of these are full project sets!

Angel Talk Candy Heart Pillows
Baby Bib Sayings Coffee Kitchen Towels
Baby Bibs 1 Coffee Time
Baby Bibs 2 Country Kitchen Towels
Baby Bibs 3 Cuddle Butt Diaper Covers 1
Baby Bibs 4 Cuddle Butt Two - Holiday Designs
Baby Bibs 5 Diaper Covers 1
Baby Bibs 6 Diaper Covers 2
Baby Bibs 7 Diaper Designs 1
Baby Bibs 8 Diaper Designs 2
Baby Caps One Girly Girl
Baby Caps Two ITH Baby Bibs - Boy - Applique
Baby Talk ITH Baby Bibs - Girls - Applique
Baby Tees 1 ITH Baby Bibs 1 - Mylar Designs
Baby Tees 2 (More Baby Tees) Monster Sayings - Applique
Baby Tees 3 Quilt Labels 1
Baby Tees 4 Quilt Labels 2
Baby Tees 5 Quilt Labels 3
Baby Tees 6 Tea Towel Bibs - Christmas
Baby Tees 7 Tea Towel Bibs - Halloween
Baby Tees Christmas Tea Towel Bibs - Everyday
Boy + Dirt = Happy Tea Towel Bibs - Summer
Burp Cloths Teacher Gifts (quilt)
Burp Cloths 2 Teacher Talk
Burp Cloths 3 Toddler Tees One
Burp Cloths 4 Toddler Tees Two