About us

Who we are

Charming Station is an embroidery design website. All of our designs are carefully manually digitized and sewn out on several machines before being posted for sale. We do not autodigitize anything. By manually setting each node in a design, we have control over the order in which it sews out and we make every effort to minimize jump stitches.

Text designs are presented in alternating colors on each line so that your machine will stop at the end of the line and tie off stitches. It will move to the beginning of the next line and wait for you to start it up again. This allows you to change colors if you would like or continue on with the same color - what ever suits your project. And, you will not have long jump threads tangled in your sewing when you are through!

Each set includes a color chart and suggestions for successful sewing.

Our policy about using designs

Once you have purchased a design or a set you are most welcome to use it for personal items or on gifts or crafts as you see fit. Where it is appropriate, we would love to have you share Charming Station as your source. On the other hand, if it is your biggest competitor at a craft show we certainly would understand if you didn't want to give away your "secret". In either case, we wish you great success in your endeavors! We would also love to see pictures of your projects. If you have any further questions, please let us know. And, if someone orders 50,000 items from you, please let us know - we'll want to help you celebrate!

This policy does not include uploading any of our designs - purchased or free - to any file sharing site. That is illegal whether you bought the designs, were given the designs by someone else, or downloaded free designs.

In the same manner, purchasing our designs does not give anyone the right to reverse engineer them (take them apart and see how they are made) in order to copy them.  The pictures and ideas on our website are copyrighted works.  Our original concept ideas, like our Snowballs and other "ball" sets, Baby Tees, Baby Caps and the Activity Book pages were worked out on paper and then repeatedly test sewn until we felt they were ready to be published.  Copying these concepts - even if some changes are made - is stealing. While we know this would not occur to most people, there are some digitizers who flagrantly copy our original works so we needed to add this statement just to be clear about our position on this.

If you have any questions about any of our designs or policies, please email us!

If you need help unzipping our designs, please click here.

Additional info

If you would like to receive an email occasionally telling you about new sales and free designs, please join our Yahoo! group by clicking here. We have some free designs posted in this group that are not available anywhere else and you are most welcome to download them. Members of our group receive a special limited time discount on all new sets.

We are located just outside of Philadelphia, PA. If you have questions, please send them to:

CustomerService@CharmingStation.com or GiGi

We would be happy to answer any questions you have prior to your purchase. Please note that all sales are final - software, especially designs purchased online, cannot be returned.

Thank you for stopping by.