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Coffee Kitchen Towels  

This is a second set in our line of easy to make Kitchen Towels. The first set is here.

You can use any towels (these were all from Walmart), even if they don't exactly match. The designs all fit a 4x4 hoop and are finished entirely in the hoop (including sewing them on to the towels). Instructions are included with the set. Most of these are small enough to sew out in under 12 minutes - none take more than 20 minutes.

You can even make a set out of just about any kind of towels - whether they are flour sack or thick terry or anything in between because you sew the design on regular fabric first and then attach it to the towel - no wash away stabilizer needed!

The frame around these designs is the same Grecian design as on the famous New York coffee cup designed by Leslie Buck and copied around the world.


These are great little gift for Mother's Day or as a housewarming present!

Or, you may just want to treat yourself and brighten up your own kitchen!

All designs fit the 4x4 hoop.


These are actual sewouts:



Coffee Kitchen Towels


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