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Diaper (Nappy) Covers


This set includes 14 sayings and the complete instructions for making these charming little diaper covers. The designs all fit into a 4x4 hoop or 3.5 x 5 hoop.

These are not finished in the hoop but are very easy to finish on a regular sewing machine.

Our pattern makes a 3-6 months size and we give you the steps to make it larger or smaller.

For our British friends, there are two designs that use the word "diaper". Both of these are alliterations and the word "nappy" doesn't quite fit. For that reason, this set does not include any designs that use the word "nappy". However, there are 12 other designs that you will be able to use.

These make a terrific gift for a shower or new baby.



The designs included all fit a 4x4 or a 3.5 x 5 hoop - the covers are NOT finished in the hoop.

Diaper Covers
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