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Girlie Monster Pillows


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This is a project set that you can do for and/or with kids. Embroider the center part and the kids can help finish making the pillows.There are 12 designs in this set and they fit any 4x4 or larger hoop. The finished pillow is approximately 10" in diameter.

We used two different colors of fleece for the front and back of each pillow and the instructions give you two different ways to finish the pillows. One is sewn; the other is a no-sew option that any child who can tie a knot can do.

Sammie is 9 and Erik is 13 and they both had a lot of fun helping us make these pillows. By the way, they named all the little "monsters" liste below too!

These are great for kids who are stuck inside because of the weather!






Frilly Milly (yes Sammie put bows in her "hair")

Peachy Keen

Gee Wawa

Cherry Cheesecake


Ann Cognito

Patty Cake

Girlie Monster Pillows
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