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Princess Pillows


After helping us create our Monster Pillow set, Sammie announced that they were "boy" pillows and she wanted a set of "girl" pillows.

Like the Monster Pillows, this is a project set that you can do for and/or with kids. Embroider the center part and the kids can help finish the pillows.There are 12 designs in this set and they fit any 4x4 or larger hoop. The finished pillow is approximately 10" in diameter.

We used two different colors of fleece for the front and back of each pillow and the instructions give you two different ways to finish the pillows. One is sewn; the other is a no-sew option that any child who can tie a knot can do.

At Sammie's request some of her pillows are round and some are heart shaped. The two pillows in the front of this picture are for "Best Friends Forever".

By the way, the cat is "Sneakers" - our bad boy who ate thread and nearly died last year.

This would be a great project for kids who want to give gifts to their friends - they can make them with just a little assistance from an adult!

Best Friends Forever

Bling Bearer's Pillow

Diva in Training



(Frog Prince - no text with this design)


Pink is not a color - It's an Attitude

Practically Perfect in every way


Shoe Shopper in Training

Princess Pillows
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