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ITH Mug Rugs - Doctors      

Mug Rugs make a wonderful gifts or items for craft shows. This set has 6 designs that are about Doctors. Each comes with coordinating text. Two of these use mylar, the rest are regular filled designs.

There is also an alternate design included for the last one pictured here. It is a bit more snarky than we usually like so if you don't like it you can just delete it.

These are quilted (as part of the embroidery design) and use a thin batting. The best part is that these are made entirely in the hoop (including the quilting!) and these are finished entirely in the hoop (no turning inside out - no hand sewing!)

If you haven't used mylar before, be sure to check the information at this link:

Info about mylar designs

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To see stitch counts and design sizes:   
       5x7 hoop      6x10 hoop

Actual Sew-outs:



Because of the style and
text on these mug rugs
there was no way to
make a 4 x 4 set.

5x7 hoop
Finished size: 7" x 5"

6 x 10 hoop
Finished size: 9" x 5 3/4"

ITH Mug Rugs - Doctors
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Date Posted: 11/24/2020