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ITH Dinosaurs    

One of our friends really likes our ITH projects for kids and crafts and suggested that we do a set of Dinosaurs in this super simple style.

These designs can be made by either a 4x4 hoop or a 5x7 hoop. With the added fringe all the way around, they appear even larger than the hoop size! We used plain fleece for the fronts so that the stitching would show up nicely and whacky prints on the back to make these really fun.

These are super simple to do: the 4" designs sew out in about 2 minutes and the larger ones in about 3 minutes! If you want to make a lot of items for a craft show, these whip up in no time at all!

You can also add catnip to these to make a really easy toy for a gift or for sale at craft shows!

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To see a video showing how these super easy toys are made: click here


To see stitch counts and design sizes:  4x4 hoop     5x7 Hoop

These are actual sewouts

ITH Dinosaurs   $12.00
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