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In the Hoop Mini Animal Pillows      


Here is a brand new set of "mini-pillows". These are done completely in the hoop. We have come to call these "grabbies" because they are so cute and even small babies can grab these! With no buttons or other small pieces these are perfect for little ones!

There are 12 different animals in this set and the shape is determined by the animal Each mini "pillow" takes only 2 squares of fleece large enough for your 4 inch hoop - great for using up scraps.

These can be made just as little pillows or use pinking shears around the edge to make a party favor. The "fringe" on the pillows makes them appear larger than 4 inches!  Complete instructions are included.

To see stitch counts and design sizes:    4x4 Hoop      

Actual Sew-outs

ITH Mini Animal Pillows $12.00
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