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Water Balloon Fight!    

We had such a great time with our original "SnowBall Fight!" set that we decided to make a summer version!

This set has 12 fun faces all ready to join in a water fight but instead of balloons that break and leave a mess all over the place, these will provide loads of refreshing water fun but no mess to clean up later!

These are made to be used in water and tossed around just like a real water balloon! You can play with them in the pool or when using a hose or just a bucket of water. You can even use them in the bath tub - little ones will love these!

These are NOT stuffed with craft stuffing - that would make them too heavy. Our inexpensive secret ingredient makes them light weight and very quick drying.

These designs are smaller than 4x4 and the balloon is not finished in the hoop so any machine can make these. The set includes complete instructions.

Click here for a video on making these!

This set comes with a PDF file of instructions that includes a paper template for cutting out the pieces needed to make a ball. If you would like to have an acrylic template to make cutting this set faster, please click here. This set uses the large template.

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To see stitch counts and design sizes:  4x4 hoop

These designs fit a 4x4 hoop - these are actual sewouts

Water Balloon Fight!   $12.00
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