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Snowball Fight!     

This set is strictly for fun! These are fleece "Snowballs" - all ready for a whacky (but harmless!) snowball fight. The expressions on the snowballs range from sheer delight, to a little suprised to maniacal. Sammie says one even looks like an Angry Bird!

These are so easy to do! Each face only takes 2 minutes or less to sew out. The pattern for the ball is included in the instructions and that takes about 60 seconds to sew together (these are not done in the hoop!). Add a little stuffing and you have a great last minute stocking stuffer or a fun craft to do with little ones during the holidays.

Even if they are thrown around inside, they are soft and really can't hurt too much!   And - they won't melt on your rugs!

There are 12 snowman faces and all fit the 4x4 hoop. The finished snowballs are about 4 inches high - just right for indoor horseplay, stocking stuffers or even a baby gift.

This set comes with a PDF file of instructions that includes a paper template for cutting out the pieces needed to make a ball. If you would like to have an acrylic template to make cutting this set faster, please click here. This set uses the large template.

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To see stitch counts and design sizes: 4x4

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Snowball Fight! $12.00
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