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Mylar Monster Pillows   

We have combined the fun of mylar with all-time kids favorite: Monster Pillows. This set includes 4 different shapes for the pillows and 12 faces made sparkly by mylar. We used mostly plain colors of fleece for the faces and prints for the backs of the pillows. All of the instructions and patterns for making the pillows are included with this set.

This is definitely a project that kids can help make!

Our samples shown here were done with "Opal" mylar so that the color that shows through is the color of the thread used in the designs. These are really easy to do and all sew out in under 15 minutes - most in under 10 minutes!

If you haven't tried a mylar design yet, read all about it here. This set includes written instructions to guide you through using mylar with your sewouts as well.

These designs all fix the 4x4 hoop.
These are actual sewouts and the sparkle is provided by the mylar

This "monster" was done with variegated thread

MylarMonster Pillows
12 designs with instructions
using mylar with these designs along
with patterns and instructions
for making the pillows


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