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Mylar Christmas Angel Pillows   

We have done some whimsical and some country-home type mylar designs previously. This set is a really elegant art-deco set that makes absolutely beautiful Christmas Pillows. And, we use our own original technique to add the "quilting" right to the embroidery design so that your pillows look like you took a long time to make them (but they are really easy!).

These designs come in 4x4 size or 5x7. The set includes the instructions to make the pillows with either size blocks. The best part is that the 4x4 designs sew out in about 10 minutes (including the stippling!) and the 5x7 size all sew out in under 20 minutes.

This is a close up of a 5x7 design. The Angel has a beautiful mylar sparkle and the block is already stippled for you.

The smaller pillows are about 12 inches square (not counting the ruffle) and the larger pillows are 16 x 20 inches (not counting the ruffle). There are 8 different designs so you can make 2 pillows in either size without repeating a design.

The stippling stitch is done as one separate color so if you want to use the angels without the quilting look, you can just skip that color and adapt these to your own projects.

All of our samples here were done with "Opal" mylar so that the color that shows through is the color of the thread used in the designs. If you haven't tried a mylar design yet, read all about it here. This set includes written instructions to guide you through using mylar with your sewouts as well.

These designs all fix the 4x4 hoop.
These are actual sewouts and the sparkle is provided by the mylar
These designs all fit the 5x7 hoop.
These also have the stippling in them although the photos don't show the stitching as clearly here.

Mylar Christmas Angel Pillows
8 designs with instructions
for using
mylar with these designs along with
complete instructions to make the pillows


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