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Draw String Back Packs with Mylar Designs  

Crafters and gift makers are always looking for something new and unique and we have just the project for you. These draw string back packs are all the rage with kids today. They are great for light weight things that kids might carry:

• an extra couple of diapers for the toddler going to daycare
• a water bottle and other small items for the outside kid
• doll clothes and small toys for children
• a comb, mirror and make up for a young teen
• a towel for someone going to the pool

and so on. You can use all kinds of fabrics (great for using up some stash!).

This set comes with 14 mylar designs to really make them special. Since the designs are digitized specifically for use with mylar, they sew out very quickly (under 15 minutes each!). The first four designs also have a miniature version that can be used to make a doll size back pack.

If you haven't tried mylar designs before, we include step by step instructions to help you get spectacular results.

The instructions also include all the information you need to make both a regular size back pack and a doll size back pack.

These designs all fix the 4x4 hoop.

Draw String Back Packs &
12 mylar designs
with complete instructions


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