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Baby Lion Quilt  

One way to make a fast and charming baby quilt is to use one single design repeated over the entire quilt top. That’s what we decided to do with this charming little baby lion. There are two designs for you to choose from or you could alternate and use both. The lion’s body is applique so the sky is the limit for colors or fabrics.

What makes this quilt a lot of fun is that the mane and the tail of the lion designs are made of fringe so the texture on the quilt would be delightful. You can use traditional colors or go for the whimsey. In our quilt, we used polka dots for the applique body and face and a variegated thread for the mane and tail. Complete instructions are included with this set.


These designs fit the 4x4 hoop. The fringe is part of the design and does not require
any special tool or function on your machine! Simple instructions are included with the set.

These are actual sew outs. There are two different designs in this set.

The body and face are applique
so you can use any fabrics you like.
We used polka dots for the body here
and variegated thread for the mane and tail.
You can use just one design repeated
through the quilt, or alternate between
the two. You can use a variety of colors
for the body or make each design the same.
This sample uses more traditional colors.
Baby Lion Quilt - 2 designs
and quilt instructions
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