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Monster Toes - Socks

This has been the year for Monsters and we are adding a new project set to our Monster line: Monster Toes. These slipper socks are really simple to make. The designs are fairly small and most sew out in well under 10 minutes!

The idea for this set came from Sammie's Mom who always has cold feet and can never find her slippers.

The pattern included fits a medium size child (our Sammie is 10) and can be easily enlarged for an adult size or sewn smaller for a younger child.

This is a great way to use up scraps of fleece - you can mix and match for each sock. You can even add bits of felt to make teeth, tongues or other embellishments.


These designs all measure approximately 3 x 2 inches and all sew out in under 10 minutes
(some in as little as 5 minutes!)

Monster Toes
and complete

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