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Holiday Hats - Fall

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Are you looking for something a little different for gifts or for craft shows? How about Holiday Hats? Or use these designs on aprons, scarves, bibs, etc.

This set has 12 designs for Fall. The designs all fit the 4x4 hoop. The hats are NOT finished in the hoop - they only take one single seam when after you do the embroidery!

These hats are made of fleece and are lined by a second layer of fleece so they are warm and snug for winter.

We include a complete set of instructions as well as the pattern for the hat. The pattern is designed for a child 6 to 10 years of age but can be altered for a smaller child or for an adult.

These are actual sew outs:

Holiday Hats for Fall with 12 designs
for a 4x4 hoop and instructions
and pattern for making the hats

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