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FSL Snowmen Ornaments


Free Standing Lace (FSL) is lots of fun and easy to do. If you haven't tried it in the past, this is the perfect set to get you started. We include a complete primer on how to do these so that they are ready to hang on the tree, in a window or to use as package toppers. If you follow our directions, they will be two sided as well.

There are 12 designs in this set and they all fit a 4x4 hoop. Each has a sewn-in loop at the top. These sew out in 15 minutes or less! We made 6 snowmen and 6 snow ladies.

These are a great craft to share with little helpers. You do the sew outs and they can wash the stabilizer out for you.

These are actual sewouts

FSL Snowman Ornaments

12 designs

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