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Making Mittens

In our house, we never have enough mittens for the cold weather. Sammie needs them when she is training at the ice rink, not to mention whenever we get a little snow.

This set gives you 10 different designs (including "lefts" and "rights" where needed) and a really simple pattern for making mittens for children.

The pattern is in three sizes (for our Sammie who is 9, for our friend Nicky who is 6 and for our Alex who is 3). The pattern is easily adjusted for other sizes.

All of the designs are simple redwork and sew out in 2 minutes or less!  We used fleece for our mittens and these are NOT finished in the hoop so anyone can make them. The actual designs are all smaller than 2".

These would make a unique item for a craft sale or bazaar and terrific gifts!


These are actual sewouts

Pairs are easy to make!

Making Mittens

10 designs and complete instructions

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