Special Sets


Young parents today all know what Facebook is - it's how they keep in touch with each other. Little ones love to touch things too so we thought they should have a Facebook all their own. This Facebook has 7 applique animal faces along with a cover design that is a pocket to hold a picture of your favorite "face". The set also includes a complete instruction guide with the directions for making the book.

Please note: this project is NOT finished in the hoop so any machines with 4x4 or larger hoop sizes can make this project.

You can order 4x4 designs or 5x7 designs

4x4 designs have the words as separate designs so that you can add them to your page;
5x7 designs have the words included in the animal designs.

Use all kinds of fabrics for the appliques - fleece, Minkee, flannel - anything with a texture.
These pictures are of actual sew-outs with a variety of applique fabrics.

Flurry Fur

Minkee Dots

Furry Fur


Giraffe Velboa

Blue Velboa

Minkee Dots

Use the lettering on your machine to add your favorite "face's" name.


8 designs and complete pattern instructions for making a soft book.

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