Special Sets

Quick Mittens Two - Little Snowmen

This set serves two purposes:

  • There are 12 of our famous snowmen reduced in size and optimized for this smaller size
  • These sew up in 6 minutes or so and can hold a gift card!

We chose 12 of our favorite redwork snowmen all with a Christmas theme for this set. These are perfect for those last minute decorations or package toppers that you need.

We spent some time working with these designs to make them as fast to sew out as possible. We know that the longest part of applique designs is the trimming of the individual sections.

Follow our instructions and there is NO TRIMMING! You will make one "cut" at the end after everything is removed from the hoop!

These are available in 4x4 size and we have included a "left" and a "right" mitten for each design so you can make matching pairs if you would like. This way you don't have to worry about reversing anything on your machine to get a pair!

These are finished in the hoop (yes, a 4x4 hoop!). All you do at the end is trim and turn.

24 Mitten Designs AND
...because so many have asked...

We are including all 12 redwork snowman designs by themselves in a small size: each design is 2 1/4" high. These will be perfect for other small projects!

These graphics show you the basic elements of the mitten designs with an unfinished look. The finishing touch comes from the fabric you use in the final step.


Quick Mittens Two
24 Mittens and 12 small snowmen

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