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Big Brother - Big Sister Book


This set contains the designs and instructions to make a book for the new (or about to be new) Big Brother or Big Sister.This book was created as a way to interact with the big brother or big sister.

As you read through the pages with them, you can agree with all the things that appear on the page or choose those things that you (and your child) think are appropriate. For instance, if a big brother has a new little brother, he may not want to share a doll with his new brother. Likewise, if he has a new sister, he may not want to share a car with his sister.


This set includes complete instructions and all the designs needed for either the Big Brother or the Big Sister book. There are two pages that indicate whether this is the brother or the sister; the others were designed to fit into any book. This project is not finished in the hoop so any 4x4 or 5x7 (or larger) hoop can do the designs.

There are two pages that can be personalized. If you make this as a gift, use lettering on your machine to fill in the information. If you make these for a craft sale, suggest that buyers use a permanent pigma pen or fine point Sharpie to add the appropriate information.

Small children love to have someone read to them. They will enjoy discovering the things they can share and the ways they can help.

The food page represents the four food groups according to our grandson Alex: spaghetti, hot dogs, ice cream and bananas (he’s two and a half). These pages should help to plant the notion that the big brother or sister will help and share! Alex is willing to share everything but the ice cream.

The last page in the book is a simple picture frame. You can slip a picture of the new siblings into the pocket.

The back cover of the book is left blank. If this is a gift, you can personalize it with lettering from your machine. If this is for a craft show, consider adding your contact information in small lettering so someone can order another one!

Big Brother - Big Sister Book
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