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Bib Project

If you are tired of missing out on cute baby bib designs because your machine isn't large enough for in-the-hoop projects, then this set is for you. It includes a five-page instruction booklet, complete with photographs and patterns, to show you how to make simple bibs that only require one seam on a sewing machine to finish them up.

  • instructions include patterns for two sizes: infant and toddler
  • use any fabrics or prints you want
  • mix and match fabrics between the front and back
  • included are six original, unique designs just for this project
  • use any of our many other text designs or 4x4 designs too!

You can make these as casual or as elegant as you want - the sky is the limit. These have always been a bazaar best seller for us! Mom's love them because they are completely washable!


Complete Bib Project   $12.00
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