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Mylar Animal Balloons      

I found the sweetest little graphics that make a perfect baby quilt, wall hanging or nap mat! There are 12 adorable little animals, each riding in a whimsical rainbow baloon.

These would also be darling on a little sweatshirt or a big.

These are all optizimed for use with Mylar - which makes them quick and easy to sew out.

Remember if you use the Mylar we recommend, designs are washable and dryable by machine! I even iron on them as I make quilts or wall hangings and there is no damage to the Mylar or the design!

The instructions to make this super simple wall hanging are included with the set.


If you haven't used mylar before, be sure to check the information at this link:

Info about mylar designs



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Mylar Animal Balloons
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Date Posted: 09/20/2022