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Merry And Bright Table Runner    

This project set requires a large hoop (7x11 or 8x12)!

We have designed something new and different for the holidays to make use of the brilliant solid colors of mylar. We used red, green, gold and silver in this project.

This project starts with a large center panel of elegant poinsettias and silver ornaments (all in one large design).

The set also includes a beautiful single poinsettia design as well as a separate ornament design which are arranged in blocks around the center.

Complete instructions for making this beautiful holiday table runner are included. If you want to make a simpler version, you can replace the strips of small quilt blocks with plain fabric!

Please note that this set has 3 designs: the large center panel and the separate smaller poinsettia and ornament designs.

To see stitch counts and design sizes: click here. Please make sure your embroidery machine can use one of these center designs before ordering.


If you haven't used mylar before, be sure to check the information at this link:

Info about mylar designs

Merry And Bright Table Runner

Machines limited to smaller hoops cannot use this set!

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