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Tea Time  


This set has 6 applique designs and 6 text designs that you can mix and match. We sewed our samples on kitchen towels.

Each of these designs fits the 4x4 hoop. You can rehoop the fabric to put two designs together like our samples.

If you have a 5x7 hoop, you can sew one design at the bottom of the hoop and then load another and sew it at the top of the hoop.

This set has completed instructions with separate steps for each of the designs. Even if you haven't done applique before, these are easy to do with our directions.

We used very small prints for our applique - you could also use solid colors.

Kitchen towel blanks can be very expensive. We used Moda toweling (sold by the yard) and made our own towels. The instructions include how we did this.

A pair of TeaTime kitchen towels would make a great teacher gift!

To see stitch counts and design sizes:    4x4  

These are actual sewouts:

You can mix and match the text any way you like!

Tea Time
12 Designs and the instructions
for doing applique


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