Special Sets

Tote Bags with designs for the 5x7 Hoop  


This collection includes the instructions for making tote bags in 3 different sizes and all of the designs shown below for the 5 x 5 hoop. These are not finished in the hoop! You can use light weight canvas, denim or any other solid weight fabric of your choice! The bags are approximately 12", 14" and 16" but you can make them any size you prefer.

These bags are so easy to make that Samantha, who got her own sewing machine from Santa this year, assisted us in making these. The set includes complete instructions with photographs for making the bags in three different sizes.

Please note: the designs you put on the bag are 5x7. You can make the bag any size you want. Our instructions include the directions for small, medium and large as shown above.

There are 18 text/graphic designs along with six extra small designs that you can add to any design or use separately. This set requires a 5x7 hoop. For the set designed for a 4x4 hoop, please click here.


Please note: These designs are the same as the ones in the 4x4 set; these have just been reconfigured to fit the 5x7 hoop. You do not need to purchase both sets unless you want two sizes of each design.

Tote Bags with designs for a 5x7 hoop
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