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Charming Baby Leo - Designs, Quilt and Doll

This set is a complete gift idea that includes 9 designs, the instructions to make a darling baby quilt and the pattern and instructions to make a soft stuffed Baby Leo to go with the quilt.

The doll face is embroidered (including the eyes) so there is no choking hazard for any baby!

We used pastels on our samples but you could use any colors to match the theme of your nursery.

This set comes with a 23 page instruction booklet that includes the patterns and steps to complete the project.

All of these designs (including the doll face and heart on the doll's tummy) fit the 4x4 hoop.

The quilt blocks and the doll are NOT finished in the hoop so any size machine can complete this project!

To see a larger picture of the quilt and doll, please click here.

To see stitch counts and design sizes:    4x4 hoop   

Actual Sew-outs:

The face is entirely embroidered so there
are no choking hazards for baby!


Charming Baby Leo Designs - Doll and Quilt Set   $18.00
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