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Busy Bags/Crayon Purse

Little girls love to call this their "Crayon Purse" - little boys can call it a "Busy Bag". It is a small tote bag with a design on one side and pockets on the other side that hold 8 crayons.

These are another Bazaar Best Seller - especially if you tuck crayons in the pockets and add a small coloring book.They are also perfect for keeping a little one occupied (and quiet!) when the need arises.

These are not finished in the hoop so any size machine can make these!

There are 8 different designs in this set including two holidays. We used pre-quilted fabric (flannel or cotton) for our bags. For the travel bag, you could add a lollipop or some hard candy to help little ones cope with the changes in air pressure during take off and landing. This is also a great way to get little ones to put their crayons away - they like putting them in the pockets!


Complete instructions with photographs are included to guide you through the project. The finished bag is about 6" x 7" not counting the handles.

Busy Bag/Crayon Purse  
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