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Tooth Fairy Pillows   

Every little one goes through losing those precious baby teeth and getting a visit from the tooth fairy. This set helps make that a special occasion (and makes it super easy for the tooth fairy to exchange that tooth for a little money)!

This set has both the 4x4 size and the 5x7 size included. Each of these are made in the hoop.

For the 4x4 size the picture is on one side and the text and pocket are on the other side. For the 5x7 size, the picture and the text and pocket are all on one side and you use a complementary fabric on the back.

The pocket is appliqued on (our instructions are very simple and easy to follow).

These would make a charming gift for a little one in your life and a great item for a craft fair!

To see stitch counts and design sizes:  both 4x4 and 5x7 hoops   

These are actual sewouts

4x4 Girl - Front 4x4 Girl - Back 5x7 Girl
4x4 Boy - Front 4x4 Boy - Back 5x7 Boy

Tooth Fairy Pillows $12.00
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