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Mylar Baby Bees       

This set has 12 adorable baby bumble bees optimized for use with mylar. That gives them extra sparkle without all the fuss of metallic thread.

These come in either 4x4 or 5x7 size. And, because mylar designs have fewer stitches than regular designs, these all sew out in under 9 minutes!

Baby Bees are a perfect theme for a baby quilt, especially if you don't know in advance whether it will be a boy or a girl. These would also be darling on a baby blanket or bib.

Please click here to see a larger photo of our quilt.

We used Opal Iridescent Mylar for all of our designs in this set.

If you haven't used mylar before, be sure to check the information at this link:

Info about mylar designs

To see stitch counts and design sizes:    4x4 hoop      5x7 hoop

Actual Sew-outs:

Mylar Baby Bees
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