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Mylar Muscle Cars        

This new set is a great for boys of all ages. There are 12 muscle cars that have been optimized for use with mylar.

We used Opal Iridescent Mylar for all of our designs in this set.

You can choose between the 4x4 size or the 5x7.

For the 4x4 size, we rotated these in the hoop so that the finished car is actually about 5 1/2" long! Our instructions includes special steps to help you make these "level" when you make quilt blocks.

The designs for the 5x7 hoop are already "level". Please see the stitch counts below to see exactly how the designs are placed in the hoop.

If you haven't used mylar before, be sure to check the information at this link:   

 Info about mylar designs

We also recommend using a new template from Trish Bowman. This template makes it really simple to get perfect 6 1/2" blocks everytime.

I also use her 5 1/2" template frequently for smaller embroidered quilt blocks. Both of these templates have the center marked and a cross-hair to help you get things straight but a lovely clear view so you can easily see the embroidery and center your design in the square.

.Click here to visit Trish's site.


To see stitch counts and design sizes:    4x4 hoop     5x7 hoop

Click here to see a larger photo of our quilt.

Actual Sew-outs:

Mylar Muscle Cars
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