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Mylar FSL Mason Jar Wraps      

We have a new completely original project that uses mason jars and makes lovely candles. This set has the designs to make three different mason jar wraps and all the instructions to make a beautiful candle. This is a quick and easy last minute gift!

You can also use these wraps on other gifts you might give in mason jars, like preserves or cake mixes!

These designs are done as free standing lace (FSL) and use mylar for added sparkle. You will make one front panel and two side panels for each wrap.

All of these designs are sewn in the 4x4 hoop so any machine can make these!

If you need more information about mylar, please click here:

Info about mylar designs

We used Opal Iridescent Mylar for all of our designs in this set. The link above will tell you where to find this.

To see stitch counts and design sizes:    4x4 hoop   


Actual Sew outs: Front Panel Side Panel

Mylar FSL Mason Jar Wraps
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