Special Sets

In The Hoop Mini Ghosts      

This set 12 charming little ghosts that sew up entirely in the hoop to make cute little pillows.

You can choose between 4x4 or 5x7 designs. When they are finished sewing, you trim around the outside creating "fringe" which makes them appear larger than they really are.

These are made with white fleece.

These would make perfect baby toys (no small parts that might be a choking hazard). They are stuffed lightly with craft stuffing so they are safe for any age.

You could also put catnip inside to make these a really cute cat toy!

Becky tied ours to ribbon and made a garland of little ghosts.

The best part is that these sew out really quickly - the smaller size in under 5 minutes and the larger size in under 7 minutes!

To see stitch counts and design sizes:    4x4 hoop     5x7 hoop

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In The Hoop Mini Ghosts
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