Special Sets

Match It Quilt        

This is a mega set with everything you need to make a unique quilt for a little one. There are 20 different designs:

  4 animals
4 modes of transportation
4 musical instruments
4 toys
4 monsters

These designs include the color stops to make a snowball quilt block. You also get the same 20 designs without the quilt block stitches for use in other projects.

When you put the blocks together you get a wonderful secondary design in the corners of the blocks.

This set includes a 36 page instruction PDF that will help you make the quilt as shown here. You choose 15 of the designs and make 2 blocks of each. Then scatter them around the quilt top and your little one can play for hours matching things up!

You can also use this set and our instructions to make this an "I Spy" quilt featuring fabric rather than embroidery. Each size includes a blank block for a fabric-only quilt.

You can choose between 4" blocks, 5" blocks, 6" blocks or 7" blocks. Please be sure to check the block sizes in the links below.

To see stitch counts and design sizes:      4 inch blocks       5 inch blocks       6 inch blocks         7 inch blocks

Click here to see a large photo of the quilt

Actual Sew-outs:

Match It Quilt
41 designs and instruction booklet
Please select size and format: