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Indoor Bowling Set     

The kids have been out of school for a while and it's too hot to play outside. We have the perfect project for you to make to keep the kids busy!

This indoor bowling set has 12 different faces so that you can make bowling pins and bowling "balls" - all with different expressions. We recommend 6 pins and one ball per set. All of these are stuffed with craft stuffing so nobody (and nothing!) gets hurt.

We even included designs and instructions for making a bag to store all of this fun!.

All of the faces are done in the 4x4 hoop and these are NOT finished on the machine so anyone can make them. All of the instructions and patterns are included with this set.

The designs for the bag come in 4x4 and 5x7 sizes (all in this same set) so you can use whichever fits your machine.

These will make great Christmas gifts too!


This set comes with a PDF file of instructions that includes a paper template for cutting out the pieces needed to make a ball. If you would like to have an acrylic template to make cutting this set faster, please click here. The ball in this set uses the large template.

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Indoor Bowling Set
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