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Mylar Cupcakes and Table Runner     

This delightful set has 12 decorative cupcakes along with a pattern to make a charming table runner that is perfect for special days and celebrations. This project uses a "tilted block" pattern that is super easy to make (we include all the instructions and the template for making the blocks). We used 8 blocks in our table runner - you can use all 12 if you like.

The designs have been optimized for use with mylar. If you haven't tried mylar before be sure to check the information here on how to use it and where to buy it:

Mylar Designs

These designs fit the 4x4 hoop. The quilt blocks and the table runner are NOT done in the hoop so any size machine can make this project. The table runner pattern is all simple straight seams and is rated Very Easy.

If you have not quilted before, you are cordially invited to join our Charmng Station Chat group on Yahoo where we have a complete set of free lessons to get you started:


To see stitch counts and design sizes: 4x4  

Actual Sew-outs

Mylar Cupcakes and Table Runner
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