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Charming Little Ghosts


This charming set is an entire project perfect for children who want to help or for quickly making items for a craft fair.

Included are 16 Ghost faces that range from silly to happy to just plain fun. This set comes with complete instructions for making hanging decorations and/or yard markers (i.e., putting them on little stakes and lining your walk). They are great indoors or outdoors and are very appealing when displayed on a table at a craft show.

Some of these faces sew out in under 3 minutes! It's the kind of project that children of all ages can help make. All you need are styrofoam balls, wire (floral, pipe cleaners, coat hangers, whatever), bits of fabric or ribbons for decorations and your imagination! You can use a glue stick or sew decorations on - whatever is appropriate for your "helpers". Samantha and her friend made a whole row of little ghosts when it was too hot to play outside. Then we hung them on the shelf in the kitchen while the glue dried! We are so ready for Halloween!

Charming Little Ghosts
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