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Quilting Designs   

After our first set of quilting designs we received a number of requests for more designs - but not specifically related to the holidays.

This set has 12 designs that are perfect for quilting your projects or for making a complete quilt using our Super Easy Christmas Quilt pattern (without using Christmas designs of course!)

You can choose the size of the block you like: 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch or 7 inch. To be sure that your hoop can use the size you like, please check the details listed below for each size. We have included the sizes in both inches and millimeters to help all of our friends choose the best size.

This set also includes the instructions for making the Super Easy Quilt - since the designs sew out in about 3 minutes each, you can make a complete wall hanging in just one afternoon. That's because you are embroidering the block and quilting the quilt all in one simple step!

To see stitch counts and design sizes:  4 inch square    5 inch square   6 inch square   7 inch square    

These are actual sewouts

Quilting Designs and
Super Easy Quilt Pattern

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