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Mylar Christmas Snowman Pillows    

As we get into the time of year where we are trying to make loads of gifts, crafts and decorations for the holidays, I have a set that is easy to do but looks like you spent a lot more time making it!

These pillows use 4x4 blocks optimized for use with mylar. There is background stitching behind the little snowmen and a border around each block.

We used red/white/green variegated thread (from Marathon Thread - #5537) for our samples but you can use any colors you like.

The set includes complete instructions for making these into pillows and these make a terrific gift or craft item for sale.

These designs would also be great on hand towels or a Christmas apron pocket.

If you haven't used mylar yet, check the information here:

Mylar Designs


To see stitch counts and design sizes:  4 inch square   

These are actual sewouts

Mylar Christmas Snowman Pillows    $12.00
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