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Mylar Christmas Ornaments    

This set has 12 gorgeous mylar designs that bring to mind those delicate glitter glass ornaments from years ago. These are done by layering metallic colors of mylar in various areas of the design and are really lovely when finished. These are NOT free standing lace!

This set includes step by step photo instructions for doing layering with mylar and getting these beautiful results. For this set you will use Opal Translucent mylar for the basic ornament and red, green and gold metallic mylar for the decorations on the ornaments.

If you haven't used mylar yet, here is a very basic video showing you how easy it can be:

How to use Mylar with Embroidery, Part I

For written information about mylar and where to purchase it , check the information here:

Mylar Designs

To see stitch counts and design sizes:  4x4 hoop     

These are actual sewouts

Mylar Christmas Ornaments $12.00
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