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Arm Warmers     

Teens and Tweens today just love accessories and this new project is perfect for gifts or for craft shows. This set features 12 of the most popular designs for this age group and these are optimized to sew out with mylar for extra sparkle.

The set also includes the pattern and complete instructions for making these super simple arm warmers. This would be a great set to use to teach a young person you know how to sew!

We used fleece for our samples - it's very easy to work with! The pattern is sized for those about 12 years old and up but includes instructions for making these smaller if you have a younger diva to sew for.

And, because so many of you have written to say that you like our videos showing you how to do projects, we have done a short video to show you how easy these are too!

Video about Arm Warmers

For a set of arm warmers with flower designs, please click here.

For written information about mylar and where to purchase it , check the information here:         Mylar Designs
To see stitch counts and design sizes:  4x4 hoop     
These are actual sewouts - the hand model is our Samantha who is 12

Arm Warmers $12.00
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