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Mylar It's a Hoot    

This set is perfect for crafters looking for a fast project! These delightful owls are made from fleece (although you can use almost any fabric!)

The faces fit a 4x4 hoop and the project is NOT finished in the hoop so any machine can make these. The sewing part is very simple.

This set includes 12 different faces, complete instructions and the pattern pieces for making these owls. They are delightful as stand alone ornaments but you can also add potpourri to the stuffing for a sachet or catnip to make this a cat toy! These are also completely safe as a baby toy since there are no small parts that can come off.

We did these with mylar for added sparkle and - because that makes them sew out so quickly (less than 5 minutes each!).

Becky also did a quick video to show you how to put these together if you would like to see it:

Video for Making these Owls

If you haven't used mylar yet, check the information here:

Mylar Designs

To see stitch counts and design sizes:  4x4 hoop 

These are actual sewouts

This one is Becky's - she loves Halloween!

Mylar It's a Hoot


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