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ITH Baby Toys    

Babies love smiling faces and these toys are quite easy to make. You will do everything in the hoop including attaching the ribbon loops.

We designed these toys to allow you to choose whether you want to do appliqué or just allow the base fabric to show through. Some of the designs that are animals (dog, cat, bear) work just fine without any appliqué fabric. Even the baseball works great with just white fleece on the front. However, all of the designs have the necessary stitches for doing applique if you choose to do that.

There are 12 designs and you can select either 4x4 or 5x7 size. In both sizes you can finish the toy in the hoop.

We used a variety of fleece colors for the fronts and a lot of fleece prints for the backs. The applique materials are 100% cottons as well as some satins.

The only thing to watch out for is to make sure everything you use can be washed - odds are pretty good that a baby is going to chew on these!


To see stitch counts and design sizes:  4x4 hoop     5x7 hoop

These designs fit a 4x4 hoop - these are actual sewouts

These are sew -outs of the 5x7 size:

ITH Baby Toys   $12.00
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