Special Sets

Super Heroes!!!    

This is one set we can prove has been thoroughly "kid tested"!!

This set includes 6 different designs to embroider on the back of a Super Hero cape, a quick and easy "in the hoop" mask and a printable pattern to make the capes! The emblems for the capes are done as applique so they sew out relatively quickly.

We used costume satins for our capes and masks. Each of our guys has a favorite color so we used that for the cape and a contrast for the binding on the cape. The masks are also reversible so we used the contrasting color on the back of the mask too.

We made some in pink and purple because girls can be super heroes too!

Alex (who is 6) and Matthew (who is 4) insisted on wearing theirs to the dentist!

You will need a 5x7 hoop in order to use the designs in this set. Complete instructions are included.

To see stitch counts and design sizes:     5x7 hoop

These are actual 5x7 sewouts

Super Heroes


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