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ITH Funky Easter Eggs    


This project is loads of fun and a great gift idea for those who can't (or shouldn't) have too much candy!

There are 12 little faces here and the best part is that most of this is done in the hoop. There is one seam to sew on the sewing machine to complete the egg.

The finished egg is a little over 4 inches tall and wide enough at the bottom so that the eggs stand by themselves. We rotated the design in the hoop so this is done with just the 4" square hoop.

These would be terrific for an Easter Egg hunt - no worries about not finding the eggs in time! Since they are filled with craft stuffing, they are also perfect for games, decorations or even baby gifts (no small parts that a baby could chew off and choke on!).

We used plain colors of fleece for the faces and contrasting colors for the side panels. You can also do these with regular quilting cottons if you prefer!

Complete instructions are included with the set.

To see stitch counts and design sizes:    4x4 Hoop     

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