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Mylar Star Ornaments      

This charming set has 12 Star Ornaments that you can make as tree hangers or package topers. These come in two sizes. One size fits the 4x4 hoop; the other size requires a 5x7 hoop. Check the links below for the actual sizes of the designs. We used felt for our samples.

The design includes a step to add a backing so that all the stitches are hidden on the inside - giving them a very nice finish.

We used the letttering in our software to add names.

If you haven't tried mylar yet, click this link to learn more:

Mylar Designs

To see stitch counts and design sizes:    4x4 Hoop      5x7 Hoop

Actual Sew-outs

Mylar Star Ornaments $12.00
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