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Mylar Christmas Stockings in the Hoop  


This set has 12 Christmas Stocking designs with two different finishes (for a total of 24 designs). These stockings are made completely in the hoop and are great for small gifts or decorations. The small stockings all sew out in under 8 minutes (completely finished!) and the larger stockings sew out in 12 minutes.

We used sparkle felt for the stocks and these designs have all been optimized for use with mylar. We trimmed ours with pinking shears for a quick and easy finish.

Each set comes with all 12 designs finished with
a single stitch and all 12 designs finished with a
blanket stitch (for a total of 24 designs)

You can choose between 5x7 or 4x4 sizes. This photo used
standard sized candy canes. The 4x4 size holds
a gift card perfectly!

To see stitch counts and design sizes:    4x4 hoop   5x7 hoop

These are actual sew-outs

Mylar Christmas Stockings
(12 designs with a straight seam finish and
12 designs with a blanket stitch finish)

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