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Princess Coloring Book   

This "coloring book" has been designed so that little ones can color to their hearts content, then erase it and do it all over again. These are great for keeping kids occupied in places where they need to be quiet (like church) or on a long car ride (since they will always be able to wipe the pages clean and start over).

There is a complete 15 page instruction booklet included that shows you how to make a reusable book.

This project is NOT finished in the hoop. All you have to do is sew some straight lines to finish the book! There are several choices for embroidering the cover and one allows you to add your child's name.

You can also choose between 4x4 designs or 5x7 designs.

To see stitch counts and design sizes:      4x4      5x7

Princess Pages:

Set includes designs to make a pocket
on the back to hold washable crayons or markers
Use washable markers or washable crayons for
hours of fun.

Princess Coloring Book
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