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In the Hoop Pinwheel Quilt Blocks  

Making quilt blocks in the hoop eliminates all the problems with getting things to fit - all of the blocks are exactly the same size!

This set gives you three different in the hoop blocks to make a pinwheel quilt.

The designs all fit the 4 x 4 hoop so any size machine can do this. Four blocks create one 8" pinwheel block

This project includes a 15 page instruction booklet with photos to guide you through making the blocks and the quilt.

You can choose to do all one color for a breezy summer quilt or make it scrappy for a happy pinwheel quilt. And, you can choose between a plain (all fabric) pinwheel, a pinwheel with a little redwork accent in the background fabric or a pinwheel with a little filled accent in the background fabric. The block is created with built-in sashing so assembly of the quilt top is really simple. And the best part -- it takes less than 2 minutes to make any of these blocks!

These are actual sewouts:

Pinwheel with redwork pinwheel
in the background fabric
Plain Pinwheel Pinwheel with filled pinwheel
in the background fabric

In The Hoop Pinwheel Quilt Blocks
with 15 page Instruction Booklet


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